First of May!

First of May, First of know what starts today?

Listen to Jonathan Coulton's awesome song "First of May" to find out!(fair's hysterical in a NSFW kind of way, so use headphones or something if you're at work).

In site news, the first of the month means it's time for me to change the theme.  I had an image from THE BIG LEBOWSKI in mind for the banner, but I have to get home and grab the screencap tonight, so in the interim you get the image above I managed to snag from the Internet.

I don't know what happened, but in the middle of trying out different images for the wallpaper background Firefox inexplicably decided that it would go completely white (at least for me - maybe you see something different).  When I view it through IE, it generally looks how I intended it to (barring the fact that I still need to tweak the images a bit).

I'm going on a much-needed vacation after today, which will largely consist of beer, movies, sleep, comics, and occasional trips out with the boy and the Missus, including an extended stay upstate.  There'll be some more updates to the site tonight, including a revamped Head Music section (I've been groovin' on The Eels all morning, so expect to see 'em there), a few more book reviews to catch up, and probably a couple pics.

Enjoy the spring.  Grab your favorite lady, or at least your favorite...