Mistborn Review at Un:Bound

Ever since taking up the challenge of searching for good, adult, modern fantasy I've been practically overrun with good fortune, finding quite a few great new authors. One of which is Brandon Sanderson, who is busy at work completing the Wheel of Time series for the late Robert Jordon. I had the opportunity to read (thanks to the fine folks at Tor) the first novel of Sanderson's own Mistborn trilogy.

The review, excerpted below, can be found in its entirety over at Un:Bound.

Like his previous stand-alone novel Elantris, Brandon Sanderson goes to great lengths to set apart the way magic works in Mistborn, the first novel in his recently completed Mistborn trilogy. The art of Allomancy, passed down through the pure, noble (in name if not in deed) bloodlines, allows the ingestion and "burning" of particular metals that bestow upon those that can wield them powers of strength and endurance...the ability to "see" the future, or the past - either how it was or how it could have been. Those who can only control one of these many powers are called Mistings. The rare person who can utilize all the mystical metals are the Mistborn.

Mistborn the novel has carries over all of the great bits of Elantris, but improves upon the former by giving all Sanderson's characters more room to breathe, to develop at a natural pace. Perhaps it's the knowledge that it's not hampered by the limitations of being confined to one novel, but Sanderson's pace of doling out knowledge, character embellishments, and plot points never feels rushed or unnatural. Although the story mainly focuses on the perspective of two main characters (with a brief excerpt devoted to a minor character), the supporting cast all are given choice moments to come to life.