Two Years Old

Two years ago I was in the hospital room, desperately trying to hold it together as my wife went through the second straight hour of actual pushing, coming in on the tail end of approximately 11 hours of labor.  Every second a new emotion revealed itself, and I vividly recall crying as they had to cut her to laughing hysterically as I could finally see the top of my son's head.  When he came out, held in the air for the briefest of moments, it quickly supplanted what had until then been the greatest moment of my life, the moment I proposed to my wife five years earlier.

Today those same emotions are coming a mile a minute, because thanks to so many things that to name them would only take away from their glow, I have a wonderfully smart, funny, sweet, and active kid that amazes me every second I'm with him.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack.  When it comes to letting you know how much I love you, words will always fail.