Terminator Salvation = Mud Pie?


I wrote up my two cents concerning some of the problems that plague the new TERMINATOR movie as well as offer up a few ideas that I think might have helped the movie over at Celluloid Moon. Short version:  it's bad with a few good things and some untapped potential.

A short excerpt below:

It's impossible to point a finger at any one person or thing that brings TERMINATOR SALVATION down to such a mediocre movie. Movies are a collaborative process (so "bunk" to the whiners who argue over whether the screenwriter or the actor or the director is the sole architect responsible for a film), and as much as I would like to lay blame on the all-over-the-place script, Christian Bale's performance or McG's overall direction, I can't. Everyone has a piece of this mud pie.

Click here or the above link to head over to Celluloid Moon and read the rest.

NOTE: Digging around I came across this article from CHUD that comes to many of the same conclusions, but goes into a lot more depth.  Great stuff if you're interested.