Serious Pulp

Have you checked out the trailer for SHUTTER ISLAND, Martin Scorsese's newest?  Click the image below:

Holy $#@!

One of my most vivid recent memories is reading Dennis LeHane's Shutter Island over the course of a weekend while in the grips of one the worst damn bugs I've ever had.  Three days of 103.5 fever, shakes, nausea...I spent the entire weekend on the futon in my office, quarantined from everyone while my mother-in-law watched my son downstairs (of course it was one of the rare weekends the Missus was working).  From the looks of the trailer, Scorsese (no surprise) perfectly captures the madness and paranoid terror that lined every single page of that book.

This has just moved up to the top of my "I have to see this NOW" list.