The Strain Review up at Un:Bound

Guillermo del Toro is looking to expand his grip of horrific fantasy from the silver screen to the written word with his first novel The Strain, written in collaboration with mystery novelist Chuck Hogan. The first of a projected trilogy dealing with a vampire invasion, it's a fresh look at the mythology, taking a decidedly viral view of the horror.

The weakest part of del Toro's fillmaking has always been his writing; has the steady hand of established novelist Hogan been enough to keep The Strain from failing? You can find out my opinion over at Un:Bound by clicking on this link. An excerpt is provided below:

It's a distinct possibility I'll get slagged for the following comments, but it feels right: it's a place I have to go to if I'm going to be honest about this review. Please stave off your pitchforks until the end - it'll give me a head start up the path.

The Strain is, finally, thankfully, a modern vampire novel for guys.

Everywhere I go I'm confronted by the Sweet Valley High-ification of the Vampire myth, thanks in large part to the marketing juggernaut that is the Twilight industry. The original creatures of the night are fast becoming de-fanged: they brood, they glower in model poses, they go to high school and they sparkle in the frickin' sunlight, ferchrissakes! A world of 16-year old girls (and their mothers - the most incredible thing about the Twilight phenomenon as I've experienced it is that mothers and daughters appear to both be under the swooning spell of broody Edward Cullin) has the image of young 20-something boy/man as the new Prince of Darkness.