A Forgotten Fragment

I was cleaning out some of the files on my laptop when I came across what looks like the opening paragraph to something, although for the life of me I can't recall where I was going with it.:


 “Don’t stop looking.”

The loose array of particles that constituted his body hurtled forward, the air screaming in a rush around him, through him. The sound was so loud it was almost silence, white noise that allowed him to pick up on the calls of the universe.His form no longer solid, he still recalled his body, and it was that shadow of form in his memory that processed the sensations as he moved faster and faster.

I haven't made any progress on the novel from last November - it sits there casting a baleful glare every time I open my Documents folder.  Another novel idea, which is basically a series of short stories wrapped in an ill-fitting narrative also plaintively begs for attention - maybe even more than the straight novel since it's the one my wife read and really enjoyed.  There's a single piece of "flash fiction" written: ostensibly a Western, although there's the faintest echo (more in the backstory I created in my head to frame the thing than in the actual words themselves) of fantasy in there.  It's done, and I'm reasonably happy with it, enough that it's currently sitting somewhere waiting on someone to decide if/when they're going to publish it.  If not, there's a better-than-average chance I'll post here for anyone interested in what kind of fiction I write.

My coffee's cold, I need a shave, and the crickets in the basement are frightening my wife.