Thirty-Six Years Old

Took a much-needed break from my computer for a week as I contemplated life at 36 years old (the actual birthday was Thursday 6/4).  Didn't check emails, read blogs...nothing.  Despite a great day provided by my wife and son, in which I got to sleep in late, eat a wonderful home cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and essentially while the day away playing and relaxing with the family, this is the first time I really feel old

I was firmly in the minority of my family in that I was really excited and happy when I turned 30.  It was the first time I felt like I was truly an adult.  I'm sure part of this was due to having gotten married, bought my first new car, and being a  year into a job that, at the time, felt like a truly gown-up thing to be doing (finance, in case you were wondering - and it's surprising how un-grownup it's tuned out to be.  I guess an office is an office is an office).  This lasted until approximately age 34, when I realized I was no longer in the most-coveted 18-34 demographic that advertisers craved.  Now, at 36, the road to 40 is much closer than 30 is...I can't even see that far back anymore, what with these damn eyes of mine.  I'm in the worst physical shape of my life, and the job has added a policy that forbids me from speaking about it, so please take a few moments to imagine the thoughts I have regarding that particular sore spot at the moment.

That way, if they're really bad, I can always chalk it up to your own twisted imaginations...

Sorry to be so anti-cheery after a prolonged absence.  My coffee's cold and I made the mistake of wearing horizontal stripes across an ever-expanding gut.  On the plus side, I'm finally happy with the format of the site.  No more color changes...besides the banner change every month this is it.  Also my brand spankin' new computer should be arriving, so I can finally toss out my seven year old, slower than molasses desktop that breaks down every time I try to do more than two things, like open up a file and scratch my earlobe.

See? It's small things like that us old folks can look forward to.

*NOTE:  That's not me in the picture, but you get the idea...