Time Flies/Blue Doors

Hard to believe I'm already in day 3 of my 4-day singledom.  I desperately crave more time while I simultaneously crave seeing the Missus and the Boy.  The weather's been spectacular, the local restaurants have been kept in business with my patronage, and as of about 7:00 PM last night, the 3rd coat of paint was applied to the door:

Much more "blue" than we thought it would be based on the small swatch we used to choose the color ("Windsor Blue" for those wondering), but when I sat it down next to the door it was spot-on.

Today is Yard Day - I have to trim all the hedges and trees, spray insecticide on the evergreens (they're covered in little eggs that, left unchecked, hatch into annoying little bugs that fly into my grill), and take care of the weeding.  Should leave me plenty of time to catch a film or two - besides the DVDs sitting at the house, I want to try and catch WHATEVER WORKS and THE HURT LOCKER - both are playing in the little independent theater down the road from my house.

But for now I'm going to just sit back with my steaming cup of coffee out here on the porch, reading my book, enjoying the fresh air, and giving a free visual plug to Un:Bound, courtesy of the new shiny black bookmarks recently printed up.