This Week in: I'm Amused

  • Prototype for the Xbox360 (above):  Wanna see Manhattan devastated, but were disappointed by CLOVERFIELD?  Kinda a weird hybrid of Grand Theft Auto and my adolescent fantasies (the ones that didn't include my female classmates or Jamie Lee Curtis), Prototype is an open world mission-based game where you're Alex Mercer, a shady government operative who is infected with a cancer-like virus that turns him into a human weapon, capable of superhuman speed, strength, and the ability to transform his body into ghastly mallets, whips, and blades.  It's slow taking off, but when it does, it's a blast.  Customizable combat styles, dozens of optional missions, a great city (Manhattan is nicely represented) and tons of sci-fi carnage have made Prototype my go-to game for the moment.
  • NEW CLUTCH!!!!:  Every time Clutch release a new record, it's a cause for celebration.  Strange Cousins From the West is their first record on their own label, and it's about as great as great can be.  Why Clutch isn't played on every rock radio station from here to the Pacific ocean is a mystery of Dan Brown proportions...all I know is that once again I have a straight-up, beer guzzlin' poet in the gutter rock album to keep my company when life gets a little frantic.
  • Green Lantern/The Sinestro Corps War:  I know, I know...I'm about two summers too late to rave about how awesome this event was, but I didn't get back into comics until Secret Origins came out, and I'm just getting caught up on everything before Blackest Night starts this Wednesday.  For those of you who just blanked out, don't worry, all you need to know is: epic space battles, alien parasites, and lots of destruction courtesy of Geoff Johns (who covers more real estate in DC than I can recall), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and Peter J. Tomasi (Nightwing, as well as the current awesomeness that is The Mighty).  With the new animated movie on its way and the news that Ryan Reynolds just signed on to play Hal Jordon/GL in the film version, this is an essential story to "catch up" on.
  • In the Theater - THE HURT LOCKER:  Hands-down right now my favorite film of 2009.  In a year that has me catching up on a ton of older films, this was one of the few "must-see" theatrical experiences, and I wasn't disappointed.  A tense look at an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) squad based in Iraq, everything from the cast to the stellar set pieces make this the anti TRANSFORMERS for the summer.
  • On DVD - MY DINNER WITH ANDRE (below):  Everyone who just thinks of Wallace Shawn as the "Inconceivable!!" guy from THE PRINCESS BRIDE needs to see this movie, which is exactly what the title implies: a dinner conversation between Shawn and Andre Gregory, a famous experimental theater director.  Of course it's much more than that, and part of the charm of MY DINNER WITH ANDRE is peeling back the layers to figure out how close Shawn and Gregory are playing themselves, and how the script (written by Shawn and based on his actual conversations with Gregory) twists and turns our allegiances to each character over the course of the meal.

Just a couple of things that I grooved on this week.  If you geeked out over something you want to share, let me know in the comments.