Baked Like a Lobster

Spent yesterday taking to Boy to the beach, where he immediately exclaimed for all to hear, "Wow!  I wanna go in da water, Daddy!"  So I brought him down to the edge of the beach.  As the first tiny wave rushed up and lapped at his sandals the fearlessness of the first cry was now forever buried as he literally leapt straight up into my arms, shouting, "No, water!  NO!"

Thirty seconds later we were both neck deep in the freezing water, chattering and turning blue and adamantly refusing to come ashore.  This is wonderfully typical of Jack, and I suspect of all children.

When we finally did come up for air it was shovels and pails and lots of looking for shells and rocks throw around.  Covered in SPF 10,000, the boy maintained his fair skin.  I, on the other hand, having only covered the bald spot on my head thinking, "I'm not going to be out too long," I burned like a patty on the grill.  Copious amounts of aloe lotion have been applied to my back, only to immediately be absorbed with a mocking laugh, leaving my skin dry and cracked as the desert.

Totally worth it.  It's a red ripened Badge of Honor for a great day being a Family.