July Banner and Music

New month, new banner.  Gotta say I'm much happier just choosing a banner as opposed to re-formatting the entire site.  I had a couple ideas to choose from this month, but in the end I just got lazy and surfed the internet, finding a beautiful shot from KILL BILL VOL. 1 that was able to fit the bill quite nicely.  I included the actual picture I cropped it from below:

My music listening has been all over the map lately, due in large part to the glut of cool stuff that's come out in the past few months.  A lot of Sonic Youth, since I'm going to see them tonight somewhere in Harlem with Indie Maven Sean, so expect a report and pics later tonight or tomorrow. 

Recently, though, I've been on a big rock-n-roll/stoner//punk/groove kick, so two bands that fit (in different ways) that bill that I heartily recommend are Goes Cube and Red Fang.  Goes Cube feels like a crazy hybrid of Torche and The Jesus Lizard, while Red Fang is a little more traditional rock, opting for a bluesy, stoner vibe a la bands like The Sword, Bison B.C. and, to a lesser extent, recent Mastodon.

Calming things down a bit, I heard a track called "Don't Ask" I really liked from the debut album by Grizzly Bear.  They have a new album called Veckatimest that's mellow and kinda psychedelic in a folksy, modern indie way that's pretty hip right now, but also pretty good.

Last, there's the latest album by The Decemberists called The Hazards of Love, which I understand is a kind of concept story that originated out of a song written based on an Anne Briggs EP title.  Confused yet?  I am, but after recently falling under the spell (after a lengthy refusal to like) the Picaresque album, I picked this up last night and so far am digging on the spacious instrumentation and Colin Meloy's voice.

Back in the next day or so with my take on Sonic Youth live.  Enjoy the weekend, have a happy July 4th, whether you're celebrating Independence Day or not!