Whoa! The Summer '09 Random Mix!

Soon after geeting home yesterday from a brutally exhausting but fun day at the Queens Zoo/New York Science Hall (pics of which will be posted either tonight or tomorrow) I received a text message from Indie Maven Sean: it was time for another Random iPod Mix!  It's been too long since the last time the gauntlet was thrown, so a quick summary of the rules:

  1. Simply shuffle the entire contents of your iPod or applicable digital media player, and let 'er rip until you have enough music for an 80 minute CD.
  2. No skipping tracks or altering the sequencing - it is what it is.  The only time you're allowed to skip a track is if the artist has already been represented in the mix, in which case you MUST take the next track.

And that's about it - time to take it to the stage!  For the record, I'm using an iPod Classic with 14,508 songs:

Chris' 99.999% (*see below) Random iPod Mix

  1. Dead Kennedys - "California Uber Alles"
  2. Asobi Seksu - "Strawberries"
  3. The Clash - "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
  4. The Kills - "At the Back of the Shell"
  5. Genghis Tron - "Endless Teeth"
  6. Bibio - "Haikuesque (when she laughs)"
  7. Rollins Band - "Wreck-age"
  8. John Legend - "Alright"
  9. These Arms Are Snakes - "Seven Curtains"
  10. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Get On Top"
  11. Sepultura - "Clenched Fist"
  12. My Chemical Romance - "Interlude"
  13. Death Angel - "Lord of Hate"
  14. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - "Inspiration Information"
  15. The Who - "Miracle Cure"
  16. Pearl Jam - "Come Back"
  17. The Bill Evans Trio - "Jade Visions (Take 2)"
  18. Funkadelic - "Soul Mate"
  19. Anathema - "Flying"
  20. The Detroit Cobras - "Cry On"
  21. Soilwork - "Neon Rebels"
  22. Public Enemy - "Cold Lampin' With Flavor"

So what's been playing in your ears lately?

* After a brief discussion I was allowed one omission: Ancestors' "Neptune With Fire" which clocked in at over 22 minutes.  Other than that, this is what came out.