Preparing for Serenity

Netflix rentals are on their way, I re-stocked the beer, loaded up a small pile of comics, movies, and video games.  The laundry's done, the refrigerator filled, and the air conditioners are being put up tomorrow when I get home from work.

All because, starting tomorrow, the Missus and the Boy are heading upstate for four days of open spaces and Italian revelry with her parents, aunts, and grandmother.  I'm staying home to take care of some things around the house: we're painting the front door, taking its dreary brown stain and sprucing it up with some gray-blue paint.  The lawn's getting a much needed day of beauty, complete with shrub trimming, weeding, mowing, edging, and some planting.  Gutters have to be cleaned, pictures need to be hung, and there's a bi-folding frosted door we purchased two years ago to separate the den from the rest of the house that still needs a new application of stain and polyurethane before being installed.

Sounds like a lot of work, but having the freedom to get up when I want and work at my own pace, without having to worry every second about the Boy getting underfoot, not having to stop for naps, feedings, or anything else is a blessed peace that I've been looking forward to for weeks.  What little guilt I have that my wife and son will be away for a few days is easily set aside when I think about not having to get up at the crack of dawn to fix a bottle.  In fact, the whole "sleeping as long as I want" thing is pretty much sweeping aside any sadness at being away from the family.

So if I'm not posting, you know I'm soaking in a rare couple of days of bachelordom.  The last time this happened I gorged myself on too much pizza; hopefully the fact that I'm currently battling an ever-expanding gut will temper an appetite that still considers itself single.