Saturn's Children Up @ Un:Bound

A scant few hours after it was announced that Neil Gaiman won the Hugo for Best Novel for his wonderful The Graveyard Book, I finished reading the last entry in the Short List: Saturn's Chidren from Charles Stross.

The review for said book is up at Un:Bound. Excerpt below:

I may be wrong, but based the other novels by Charles Stross I've read, Saturn's Children feels like a bit of a departure. A fluid mix of Isaac Asimov's Robot stories with a very large homage to Robert Heinlein (particularly Friday), it's a sexy robot adventure spanning multiple planets and the fate of the universe in its pages.

The basic premise: In a universe where that hasn't been a single human being in over two hundred years, Freya Nakamichi-47 is a sex robot, woefully contemplating suicide - what to do when the single thing you've been programmed for is no longer an option? On the run due to a bad dust-up with the ruling class of robots on Venus, she's is forced to act as courier for a mysterious object from Mercury to Mars. What this mysterious object is, who's after it, and what Freya must become in the course of events drives Saturn's Children forward in a mechanized BARBARELLA style.

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