Band of Outsiders @ Celluloid Moon

I actually have watched a couple of films from the B&N Criterion Extravaganza from a couple of weeks ago, even if I haven't written them up yet. Well, that's all changing, as I finally knocked one out for Jean-Luc Godard's excellent BAND OF OUTSIDERS.

The full review is over at Celluloid Moon. Check out the excerpt below:

It's strange, but until watching BAND OF OUTSIDERS last night, my only exposure to Jean-Luc Godard was BREATHLESS (reviewed here), which kicked off Celluloid Moon's quasi "launch" back in January. Kind of a long wait between films, especially after the wonderful taste BREATHLESS left in my mouth, but that wait may have made my feelings toward BAND OF OUTSIDERS a little sweeter than they would have been otherwise.

Coming four years after his debut, and off of his first real flop (LES CARABINIERS), BAND OF OUTSIDERS feels like the younger, more accessible brother to BREATHLESS - an exuberant movie about youth and crime, embracing everything Godard loves about the classic American cinema of the 30s and 40s while at the same time continuing the cues and tricks that signalled the French New Wave was not a flash in the pan movement.

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