From Hell Review @ Un:Bound

This week over at Un:Bound I reviewed Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell.  Quick excerpt below:

Although Watchmen (especially in light of the film) gets the most attention from the public, I think I've come to the conclusion that From Hell is the defining work of Alan Moore's career thus far.

A massive, sprawling epic, From Hell is Moore's attempt to unravel the mystery and motivations behind the notorious Jack the Ripper slayings in Whitechapel and the surrounding destitute areas of London in 1888 - a mystery that to this day has its share of theories but no clear solution. Divided into 16 chapters, Moore weaves a byzantine plot involving secret societies, the Elephant Man, an illegitimate heir and the Royal Family, wrapping it in a complex and lurid look into the history of London during the time. Moore and artist Eddie Campbell dug into tons of history, researching police reports, conspiracy theories and books on the subject, as well as the historical documentation on what London was like in the late 19th century in an effort to make everything as realistic, as tangible, as possible.

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