Back to School

...well, not really (for me, anyway).  But I still try and take advantage of the extended weekend when I can, and this year I was able to, so Friday morning we packed our bags and headed upstate for four days of no television, internet, or phone calls.  Awesome time - got to take the Boy out on the riding mower, play horseshoes, run up and down numerous hills, eat lots of barbecue, and even take some time out to see some good friends and catch up on life a bit.

But now we're back, and there are a few things I wanted to point out:

Tony over at Cinema Viewfinder officially launched his De Palma Blog-a-thon.  There are two great articles up already, one exploring the De Palma oeuvre and one focusing in on RAISING CAIN.  I have one piece submitted (on MISSION TO MARS) which should rear its head in the next couple of days, and there's a possibility I may jump in with a second piece (on BLOW OUT), time permitting.  All great stuff - check it out.

Un:Bound recently opened its door to a number of new writers (welcome MangaCat and Harbinger), inching its way closer to the ideal of a meeting place hosted by a diverse group of book lovers to write about the things they love.  There's also a sister site called Young & Un:Bound that has its own cadre of young writers reviewing YA books.  So expect lots of new content, much of it branching out in new and exciting directions.

Finally, for some reason I've been on an Elton John kick for the last few days, which is odd because for the most part I didn't really care about his music.  I still don't know how I feel about his output after, say 1977, but his early stuff is sweet, especially Tumbleweed Connection, which has been on repeat on my iPod for almost 30 hours straight.

Enjoy the week, and study hard if you're going back to school.