Hail Horror 5: The First Batch

Yeah, yeah...I've been away from here for a while.  Whenever life offered up a bucketful of challenges I would in the past retreat to writing.  And I have done that, just not here at Geek Monkey.  I've been working hard since the end of August to get Celluloid Moon back on track and build up connections with film blogging community, and after a lengthy resuscitation the site's finally starting to breathe on its own again.

So for that reason instead of posting the Hail Horror entries in their entirety this year I'm going to link back to them on Celluloid Moon.  Please drop by and check out the articles and the comments from the community - I've tried doing a few different things this year and the results have been pretty good.

Have no fear, though - instead of a boring old list of links here are a few choice images from each of the films I've covers so far:

Horror of Dracula (1958)

Session 9 (2001)

Prince of Darkness (1897)

Village of the Damned (1960, 1995)Monsters (2010)Gothic (1986)

With only 11 days to go in October my hope is to get baker's dozen done - I have two more films done and half-way written, and more than enough choices and recommendations to choose from.  And then I'll probably slow down.  I'd like to get about 4 extensive reviews done a month, with smaller "quick hits" and other articles rounding things out.

After that, it's time to pay some attention to this dusty old place again.  I have a bunch of ideas, including music, photography, and assorted shenanigans.  So if you're one of the few people that stopped by here every once in a while, don't despair: we'll be back!