Mud Mind and (the) Distractions

If I ever start playing guitar seriously again (fingers crossed, or at least curled to look like an open G-Major chord), that's going to be the band name...

The last ten days feel like a drug haze in the biting cold. I can barely remember getting up in the mornings, let alone the paces of the day. Part of that is the regular exhaustion that comes with staying up far too late (and getting up far too early) in order to get some private time away from everything, but another part stems from family and work revelations I can't really talk about on this blog.  They only peripherally affect me, coming in rippling waves that ebb and flow with a crystal clarity I suspect comes from the air, piercing cold and snapping you awake even as it drains the energy straight from your bones.

I find it so weird that the cold can do that, especially after you come back in to the warmth of your house or office.  I want nothing more than to drop into a chair (or better yet, a couch) and sleep for hours.  This morning I woke up around 7:20 after having a great night's sleep, falling immediately into dreamland after watching last night's "meh" episode of Lost.  I trudged downstairs feeling better than I had in weeks, and realized I hadn't taken the garbage out.  Spring in my step, I put on my coat, slipped into a pair of old sneakers and stepped outside.  It snowed another couple of inches yesterday, so after putting the trash out I grabbed the shovel and did the sidewalk and steps. It sky was a gorgeous blue, the kind you only see when it's really cold. I breathed in and shoveled.  Maybe 15 minutes of work.

I came back inside, the blast of heat hit me, and I barely had the energy to shrug off my coat and peel my shoes off with my heels before slumping on the couch for another 30 minutes of sleep.

This was originally supposed to be a post about all the things that have been keeping me occupied since my last post, but instead this is what came out.  And now it'stime for work, so...


Side thought:  whenever I come back to revise a post before publishing, the two most common errors I find are semi-colons mistakenly pressed instead of apostrophes, and an overabundance of the word "that".