Danger: Sludgy Metal Ahead

Note: The entire album is available for streaming on their Myspace page for a limited time

It started as soon as I was awarded the task of cleaning up the massive Chinese/Thai dinner consumed by the Missus, the Boy , and yours truly. The Missus wanted some fun time with the Boy who she hadn't seen since about 8:00 this morning, so I donned the ol' headphones (when I settle in for some serious cleaning, the headphones are an accepted part of the ritual) and cranked up High on Fire's new record, Snakes for the Divine.

That was over two hours ago, and I'm on my 2 1/2 time listening to it.  Awesome in that dirty/stoner/70s guitar God rock vein - fire and brimstone biblical apocalypse lyrics with massively cavernous drums, riffs that sound like they were bludgeoned into firm from granite and Matt Pike's signature raw howling that sound like they were a bloody gift from Lemmy himself.  

In other words, exactly my cup of tea.