London Macabre Review @ Un:Bound

I had my first chance to read a book that not only isn't published yet, it isn't even bought yet.  But that's one of the perks of being a reviewer over at Un:Bound, so head on over and see what I thought about Steven Savile's London Macabre, the start of a Victorian horror/pulp adventure series.

Excerpt below:

...this book is fresh. So fresh it was almost dripping wet from birth (ewww) when I downloaded the file and loaded it up on my nook. It hasn't been published yet, and truth be told I'd be very surprised if London Macabre isn't at least tweaked and given a another slap of finish before it sees the light of day. But I have to admit, that was a large part of the excitement of reading it, feeling the passion of ideas still wriggling around on the page, the exuberance that comes with throwing something down on paper and watching it come to life, working with and against the other words it comes into contact with. The gift of creation, there before your eyes in a way that reading something picked off the shelf in the local super-store just can't imitate.

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