Neglect, and New Things

It's been a while, I know.

The last two months have been rough, and the only real writing I did was a couple book reviews for Un:Bound and a few movie posts over at Celluloid Moon.  Other than that, the last few weeks have been all about trying to get my mind off of my father, something made harder by the fact that this past weekend was not only Father's Day, but would have marked his 60th birthday had he lived just a few months longer.  That's one of things I keep thinking about: that even though to die at 60 is far too young in my mind, to die in your 50s (even if you're only short by a few lousy weeks) is just a waste.

But I keep coming back and looking at this page, and seeing nothing of consequence since that post on SCREAM from May 10th, and even that was an assignment for another site.  It's time to clean things up and make a decision as to what I ultimately want to do with this space.  And what I've decided is I want to use it, and use it in the way I initially envisioned it years ago when I was writing on my old Blogger site and just cataloging the small, everyday things I saw and felt and gnawed away at me.

Of course, I can't do that without a little Spring (okay, has been a while) Cleaning, so once again I'm going to make a few updates and changes until I'm satisfied.  In the meantime, I'm going to re-post some of the reviews and articles I've written elsewhere, and dig through the vaults for some pieces that I'm proud of.  And then, hopefully, I can get to doing what I want to do again, which is just write.