All Saints Day Collection of Odds, Ends

Happy Halloween, everyone!  And Happy November as well!

Life continues to be a swirling, fractal mass of chaos, with my boiler blowing the morning of the big Northeastern Storm that dropped about a foot of snow in some places of New York, massive amounts of work (the beginning of November is a major release date for my company, so the end of October is basically devoted to meeting after meeting making sure everything goes off with a minimum of company-crashing problems), and just too much fun being had between playing video games, reading excellent books, listening to even more excellent music (I've been on a rampaging Sonic Youth tear for some reason) and doing the family-thing, like carving the pumpkins above and cook (and devouring) more cupcakes that I really needed to have.

I owe this site a few things: despite only three real Hail Horror reviews I watched a few more films, including THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, TROLLHUNTER, JOHN CARPENTER'S THE WARD, and RARE EXPORTS (I also watched Sylvain Chomet's THE ILLUSIONIST, but honestly it left me a little dry, despite being a huge fan of Jacques Tati's films one of which I'll discuss below).  Rather than wasting more time writing up in-depth reviews of each, I'll do one big wrap-up post encapsulating my thoughts on the listed films and talk about how the way I view horror films has changed over the years since becoming a father.

Lots of interesting things to talk and write about over the next few weeks.  Today was the first day of the wonderful Criterion 50% sale at Barnes and Noble, and I lightened my pocket considerably, picking up blu-rays of THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS, HARAKIRI, PLAY TIME, and Olivier's HAMLET on DVD.  I'm a massive Criterion nut, and with this batch I have at least two dozen unwatched films laying around waiting to be devoured, so some of those will definitely see some space here.  On the music front I mentioned above how I've lately been on a huge Sonic Youth kick; their music, especially Daydream Nation, is hitting me like I've never heard anything like it before, much the same way it must have hit kids back in the day when it came out in 1988 - the difference being I'm 38 years old now: my body and mind can't fully process what's happening to it except that it likes it, it likes it a lot.  I doubt the same can be said for Lulu, the experimental collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica but, being the intrepid adventurer I am, I picked it up and plan to do a pot-luck review of it here later in the week.

All that and life coming up shortly.  For a kick-off month rattling off nine posts is pretty gratifying, but I still feel like I'm only scratching the surface of what I want to do.  Writing still feels pretty rusty, and I want to get back to some sort of rhythm where I'm not second-guessing every sentence I write, so expect more and different content in the coming weeks, and as always, feel free to comment about whatever you like!