Off to Dallas

Despite that fact I was only given a few days' notice, and despite the fact I will be doing nothing there other than "letting the people put a face to the name" and "observe and network", I will be travelling to Dallas, Texas to attend my company's National Sales Meeting.

It should be noted that I am not actually in Sales, and the thought of "networking" with sales people and assorted executive types is about as far from what I want out of life as you possibly get, so I'm packing a generous supply of comics, movies, music and books to occupy my down-time while I'm there.  

So for the next several days I'll be active on Twitter posting pics and the odd bit of merriment, and will hopefully have some posts here about what's kept me sane.  Behave yoursevles while I'm away, and remember they can see in if you have the light on.