Summer of Unconsumed Media Blitz!

That's right...because I've followed through on all my other promises (wink, nudge, run out the door before the first stone hits), I've decided to try getting back into the writing game by doing a post a day writing up a few posts a week for the rest of the Summer (which for our purposes will be June to August as opposed to having to adhere to any pesky solstice/equinox silliness) on all the unconsumed media I have lying around the house.  That means quick hits on movies, television shows, books, comics, video games, and anything else I can find that I've bought and then promptly forgot about.

Anything related to the written word will also be posted up at Un:Bound, so please check them out as well for lots of SF&F fun from across the pond.

I don't anticipate the posts being too long, unless there's something I really want to dive into.  These are meant to be fun little opinionated pieces, and won't stick to any format.  I might throw in some personal reminisces along with any "critical" words concerning the item in question, and I'll always try to throw in some pics for those who appreciate bright, shiny things accompanying their words.

I'll also end each post with a preview/hint of the next day's topic (place your bets as to how long or accurate this will be).  So check out the pic below for my first post, coming up tonight!