What's He Building in There?

After a long, self-imposed break from writing the itch has returned.  Old blogs have been shut down, and what was once Geek Monkey is hereby christened Stranded Below Nirvana, affording me the opportunity to write about whatever I want without having to reflect back to the "geek" tag implicit in the (old) title, despite the fact that being a geek is still a very proud and unapologetic part of my life.

What that means is I'll still be pretty much writing about movies, books, music, and this life that is peculiarly mine, and trying like hell to build up a sense of rhythm to keep things interesting.  I'll be kicking things off "officially" on October 1st, but in all likelihood will be tweaking, tuning, and posting some things before then so stick around, link up, and have fun.  Those nifty tabs at the top of the screen have all sorts of fun nuggets depending on your pleasure.